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Product Description: Appearance Yellowish powder Water solubility Completely Free Amino acid 40-80%...
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Product Details

Classification:Organic Fertilizer Type:Manure
Other Names:Bat Poop Place of Origin:Philippines

Product Description

Product Description:

Appearance Yellowish powder
Water solubility Completely
Free Amino acid 40-80%
Organic Nitrogen 7.2-13%
Moisture 5% max
Heavy metal (as Pb) 20 ppm max





Main Function:
1. This product can enhance the disease resistance of crop roots, stems and leaves, increase photosynthesis, enhance enzyme activity.
2. It plays a preventive role on the yellow wilt, root rot and other viruses also relieve the injury due to improper spraying.
3. It has a special effects for fruit trees deciduous in the early and spot disease, and can improve the plant physiological functions, increase yield and improve quality.

Foliar spray: 1: 3000 dilution, apply 3-4 times during full season;
Soil irrigation: 1.5-2.0kg, by water flooding irrigation or drip irrigation;
Seeds soaking: 1:3000-5000, the time of soak is determined according to the thickness of seed skin. In general, it should be soaked 5-8h.
The suggested the rate is approximate and may vary depending on the climatic region, soil type, and fertility.



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