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High amino acids organic fertilizer High amino acids organic fertilizer High amino acids organic fertilizer

High amino acids organic fertilizer

S pecification: APPEARANCE:  Brown liquid PH (100% WATER SOLUBLE): 4.6 WATER INSOLUBLE: 0.1 % MAX SOLUBILITY IN WATER (20 C): 100% water...
  • organic fertilizer
  • 1415-93-6
  • amino acid granule fertilizer
  • N-P2O5-K2O
  • 271-030-1
  • Jiangxi, China
  • Slow

Product Details

Classification:ORGANIC FERTILIZER Type:organic fertilizer
CAS No.:1415-93-6 Other Names:amino acid granule fertilizer
MF:N-P2O5-K2O EINECS No.:271-030-1
Place of Origin:Jiangxi, China Release Type:Slow
State:GRANULAR Purity:99%
Application:Fertilizer Appearance:Black Granular
PH:3-4 Certificate:ISO 9001/14001/ECOCERT
Source:Plant Total nitrogen:12-14%
Total K2O:1-4% Moisture:2%max
Organic Matter:45-65% Particle Size:2-4mm
Water Solubility:90-100%

Product Description

APPEARANCE:  Brown liquid
PH (100% WATER SOLUBLE): 4.6
SOLUBILITY IN WATER (20 C): 100% water soluble


Use with other fertilizer, it's an ideal Amino support agent. Also used as chelator with metal in the soil, improve soil condition.
1. Improve the quality of the soil, help the soil to creat crumb structure, keep the water & nutrients in the soil
2. Enhance the utilization of N, P, K, also can chelate with Trace Element, Balance the Crops ' nutrients
3. Enhance crops anti-stress capability like drought & cold resistance
4. Improve Quality of the fruit like watermelon, Hamimelon, sugarcane, sugarbeet, etc...
5. Promote roots growth
6. Increase 20~30% yeild
7. Adjust PH value.
8. Degaradation harmful substance in the soil

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